Dye-ing to Be Saved

big wave rescue

#tbt. Throwback Thursday. All the cool kids are doing it... today I'm throwing it back to 2013 when Surfer Magazine did a feature on emerging safety technologies in big-wave surfing. In the feature, one of my early innovations was highlighted. The idea was simple: after a bad wipeout, the surfer would discharge a dissolvable fluro-colored dye (non-toxic and Earth safe) that would trail him/her for 5 minutes or more as a visual homing beacon. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to be caught stranded in hundreds of yards of churning Class 5.x whitewater with 20-50' sets marching through! As novel as the innovation might seem, seconds count in extreme water rescue. Anything that can shave-off rescue time for a highly trained water safety patrol just makes sense. Here's a shot that demonstrates the basic principal for how the dye trails the user: